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Based in Albany, we handle cases in the federal court here, which is the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York. We also appear in Syracuse for the same Court (and others). While Warren is admitted in federal court in Manhattan (the Southern District), we do not generally appear there.

We don't handle federal cases in Albany any more.

Federal Criminal Defense in Albany

We have represented defendants in a number of criminal cases in the federal criminal court in Albany - the Northern District of New York. There are two major types of cases we have seen with some frequency:

Immigration Defense

The Northern District covers a long stretch of the Canadian border. While the media take on immigration focuses on Mexico and other areas, there is substantial traffic across the Canadian border, both legal and illegal. We have had several cases involving alien smuggling (where our client was accused of helping someone cross the border illegally) as well as a couple cases where our client was charged with a crime for crossing the border illegally.

In some immigration criminal defense cases, where the prosecution appears to have strong evidence, our focus is negotiating the best deal possible and minimizing the sentence. In one case the prosecutor asked the Court to impose a sentence of roughly 4 years. We found a quirk in the sentencing process and were able to get the sentence down to less than a year.

Prior results do not guarantee future performance

There are cases where we find significant weaknesses in the prosecution's case. In these cases it may make sense to fight the charge and we discuss that with our clients to help them make the best decision. If they choose to fight the charge, we use all our resources to challenge the prosecution and win.

Federal Drug Laws

Warren has been an outspoken critic of both federal and state drug laws for many years. Prohibition is a failed policy. The incarceration of non-violent drug offenders is morally wrong.

Similar to the immigration defense cases above, our clients usually face a choice between a plea deal and fighting the charges. In addition to the professional work you should expect from any federal criminal defense lawyer, we also advance an unusual constitutional argument, involving a concept called substantive due process. For a variety of reasons, we believe this helps get a better result for our clients. Call Warren to find out more at 888-733-5299.

Our initial fee for federal criminal defense is at least $5000 up front but usually $10,000 up front. In some cases the up-front fee is higher, especially with more serious charges or other complications. The fee covers everything up to just before trial. Trials usually are an additional $10,000. Total fees can be more than $20,000.

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